My third paper was on the importance of tradition, specifically in Part Time Indian. I spoke about how even though Arnold left the reservation, he still carried his tradition, culture, and practices with him. Based on that, for my final project, I am making a video about the importance of tradition. I’m planning on asking people what the word tradition means to them, what’s a significant tradition they have with their family, and more. I guess now my project seems like an interview by the way I’m talking about it, but it’s going to have a more meaningful feel to it, like one of those videos you saw “awww” throughout watching it. Right now I haven’t gotten much done video-wise, but I’ve got all the ideas ready. I can’t wait to show you Professor Fleetwood!

The dictionary definition of the word “form” perfectly defines what I believe form is. “Form”, as a verb, means to bring together parts, combine, or create something. The way in which I’ve been exposed to form the most this year is in this class. The form of something, whether it be an essay or a blog, is very important. Technically, one could say there is one form or way something just be done, but the lines are blurred within that statement. Although there may only be one form to complete something, everyone interprets that form differently which results in different outcomes, except for math of course. Everyone should get the same answer. When I think of the word “form”, the word “uniform” pops into my head immediately. Uniformity unites the whole under a certain idea that’s in place. Although one may view that as a bad thing and preach for diversity, uniformity is the stronger aspect here. Form not only unites us but organizes us. The format of one’s paper written for a class is what that person used to organize and eventually unite their paper. I view form as an important aspect to one’s work, as well as their life.

When I hear the word form, I think of formula and format… Shocker, right? No but seriously, I think of those two words because they mean that something has to be done in a certain way. Whenever you write an essay, you need to properly format your writing. You need to make sure that everything is in a proper font, each line is double-spaced, and your margins are correct. With a formula, it’s a similar concept: a^2 + b^2 = c^2. It’s a formula because it works perfectly every time. And when we have these formats and formulas and use them, whatever we do becomes perfect. With that being said, form could be described as an application towards anything in life. Formats are for written text and formulas are for mathematics, but form can apply to whatever you do. We as humans have invented formulas and formats in order to perfect our work each time, but for someone to discover a form is both incredible and impossible. What I mean is that given how form is relevant to whatever you do in life, it is YOUR life and no one else’s. Some may share your type of style when it comes to one thing, but on another thing the form changes. Your form is yours alone, and no one else would be able to understand it the way that everyone unanimously understands formats and formulas, nor would they find it as fitting. However, finding your own form is incredible because it validates what you do and why to yourself. You eliminate the question of why your methods are what they are, and the significance behind that is if you question why you do things in life, whether it be your working method or even the way that you speak, you possess the answer. Whether you wish to change this form is up to you, but regardless you understand why it is what it is.

Reading for this Week

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Hey guys,

You need to have Illuminae finished on Wednesday, so I want you to read at least half of it for Monday.  I’m not going to give you a specific page (but you should read around 150+ minimum).  You don’t have to do any secondary reading (I figure you have enough going on).

Also, be thinking about your final project (Present your research within the conventions of a particular genre (e.g., vlog, a collage, a music video, game play, a song, a short film, a photography project, a comic book, etc.) that is particularly relevant to the course topic).  We will be workshopping some ideas in class.


Ms. Fleetwood

Instead of start reading the first page, I looked over some of the papers on the middle of the book. I got confuse by those weird pictures with some types of ships on it or some sorts of the countdown. The first scene is about the interviewing with two people Mason and Grant and they got into troubles and luckily survived. I don’t really understand the story layout at this point, but it looks like an interesting book to read, especially during the lines, there are some words cover by black bars, which I think they are words with bad meaning. I hope that I will have more understand of the book when I keep reading the story.  –Jerry Chen

When i handed in the paper, I thought that i had a great topic and that i built on it very well. But when i received the paper, i realized that i failed to use a acceptable secondary source. SO when i was revising it i put in a acceptable source and i feel that it made my paper much stronger.

My essay didn’t really have an intro. It was all back round information. Also because I gave so many details to the book I was using, I severely limited myself as to who and what I could talk about throughout my essay. I used a lot of repetition. I’m going to whip out for my word revisions. Structuring an essay is still very unclear for me, but at least I’m aware that is something I’m horrible at. My thesis is still too broad. Peer editing really helps with that because what I write makes sense to me, but not to others. My greatest tool in revisions is bugging others to help me. It’s actually better than the writing center because the tutors there try to guide my writing rather than say I suck.

To be honest, I thought my paper was pretty good when I submitted in. Now, after I read everyone’s comments. I find out that there are still a lot of improvements for my paper and that will be the gap in my writing. I still need the little time to read over my paper and add some more important analysists. Thanks to everyone for the comments that are so useful to me and I wish we will have more workshop for our paper. I hope after my editing, I will have a better grade for my paper and correct my writing style in order to improve my writing.  I always believe that we can do better and the grade we get for this time can be higher. Hope my editing will make my paper better!

So the revision process is going pretty well. While reading over my essay I realized there were a LOT of flaws that I had left in my essay. Thankfully thanks to the comments on my essay I am going to be able to correct the mistakes I had made hopefully receive a better grade. The one think I love about workshop in class is getting feedback from you guys. This workshop I had received awesome feedback from one of my classmates. Due to the awesome comments, I was able to see the mistakes that I had been consistently making throughout the essay. One of the things that I plan on fixing is my transition sentences and incorporate my sources.

Upon reading comments provided from both Professor Fleetwood and classmates, I can clearly see some issues that I have when writing essays. Particularly this essay, I saw myself lacking in transitions and points relating back to the overall topic of the essay. To help with this weakness, I can work on my concluding sentences in a way where it relates directly to the topic sentence, then write my topic sentence in direct relation to the topic sentence as well so the transitions are smoother. This would also help with my organization which was a little awkward due to the weak transitions. Also I found my introduction to topics to be generalized. I would have to narrow it down and specify what I will talk about in order to make the sentence stronger. Hopefully I am properly fixing my weaknesses so I do not make them again.

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