Hi, my name is Asim and I am from Richmond Hill, New York. I am a graduate from Thomas Edison C.T.E. High School, which isn’t very far from Queens College. I studied Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting, Anatomy and Physiology, and Psychology during my four years at Thomas Edison H.S. I plan to major in Computer Science, but considering that many individuals are pursing this major, I might major in mathematics instead. If I decide to major in Computer Science, I would like to combine both my knowledge of modern technology  and my medical knowledge to pursue a career that utilizes both of these resources like a career in biotechnology. I enjoy playing and watching basketball. My favorite team is the New York Knicks, even though they may not be the best team in the league right now, but give them a few years and I believe that will change. I also like billiards/pool, so you might see me playing pool sometimes.

From this class, I hope to expand my knowledge of the visual arts. I would like to learn the differences and similarities between visual arts and the literary arts. I have only learned English as a literary art, but I believe that I may enjoy visual arts even more than literary arts and that I may perform better in this class than any other English class that I have taken before. My favorite “visual art” is films. I enjoy watching different types of movies and I find it interesting that some movies are different from the books that they are based off.

I don’t know a lot of academic websites, but I use easybib and opposing viewpoints in context a lot. Easybib makes it easy for me to correctly cite a specific work that I  may have used in a essay. Opposing viewpoints in context allows me to research different topics easily and it also includes the citations. I hope to learn about more academic websites that I can use to help me in the future.


-Asim Shariff


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