I suppose introductions are in order so let’s get this started.

Hey everyone, my name is Isaac. If you don’t know who I am I’m the one who came in super late and had to say everyone’s names. So yeah, I’m that guy. A little about me is that I’m Puerto Rican, but you may not have known that by looking at me, but that’s just genetics. I was born and raised in new york and have lived here for basically all my life, though I lived in florida for a year. I usually spend my free time playing video games and watching anime, which that may have been obvious just by looking at me. But even though I like that stuff I actually listen to a lot of rap because I enjoyed it as a kid and I very much like writing so the small references and rhyming and all that stuff in rap was interesting to me, and I always enjoyed it. Other than that i try to get along with everyone and if you wanna talk loudly about some of our mutual interests I’d be glad to. I hope we all get along, since half of you are also in my music class so that would be awkward, huh? Anyways i don’t know what else to say, but hope this semester is good. (Also i hope this gif works, so click on it if it doesn’t I think, for those that did read this)



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