Hi my name is Michael Vitelli and I am from Whitestone, New York. I graduated From Holy Cross High School where I spent four years in my school concert band playing percussion. I am currently thinking about majoring in computer science in goal of chasing one of my dreams, which is entering into the gaming industry. This is honestly a huge stretch because of how overcrowded this industry is right now, but I feel that I have the drive and passion that hopefully can get me in. While in this English 110 class I hope to learn the skills that are necessary for future writing intensive classes such as biology. My favorite “visual texts” would have to be film and comics. I love watching a good film and now that it is something that I can apply to projects is awesome! One director whose films I have enjoyed immensely is Quentin Tarantino. He downloaddirected films such as “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir dogs” If you haven’t seen these I would highly recommend them. I don’t really have any academic websites to share, but hopefully I learn about a couple through the other blogs.

Everyone in the class seems to be nice, and getting to group up with others who were lost going to the music intro classroom was great. At first I taught “Great I’m the only one who can’t find this room,” but that wasn’t the case. Anyways let’s all have an awesome first semester


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