Hello everyone, my name is Jason Kang. I am a graduate from Forest Hills High School.  I plan to major in Economics mainly because of how complex and interesting it is. Economics is complex in that it taps into many categories like political, psychological, anthropological and many more. The idea that the study of money within a society could be so convoluted makes it that much more fascinating. Other than that my hobbies just consist of listening to music and playing games. I listen to almost anything whether it be rock, jazz hop, folk punk you name it. Some artists I like are David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Jun Seba. While some bands that I enjoy are The Beatles, AJJ, and The Mountain Goats. I look forward to spending my time at Queens College with you all.


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  1.    Benjamin Kayumov on September 4, 2016 3:11 am

    my cousin graduated from forest hills. its a good school. nice to meet you. see you in class

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