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September 2, 2016 | | Leave a Comment

Your blog due Tuesday September 6:


How do Ms. Marvel’s and Harley Quinn’s bodies function in the space of the comic book? Some questions that might be worth exploring: who are they being drawn for? How are they being drawn? Are the women depicted as physically strong? Are they classically pretty? How do their bodies conform or contradict the stereotypical comic book cheesecake (big boobs, small waist, pretty face)? How do they use their bodies to their advantage? Are their bodies ever a disadvantage?


In around 500 words, explore the concept of their bodies. You are free to focus on one character, a common thread you found in both, or contrast the two in some way. Bring in terms/concepts that you learned in your secondary reading. I strongly suggest that you take this time to practice integrating quotes from secondary sources.


Still not sure how to begin? One method is to start by choosing an image/page/scene/motif that struck you as extremely interesting (as long as it can be related to the body). Tell us why you found it interesting. Tell us some questions it raised. Then, begin your analysis in an attempt to answer those questions.
But again, this is only one method. Feel free to format your discussion in any way that you want. Can’t wait to see all of your thoughts on these pieces! (and, again, if you have not gotten the email with the comic book readings, please let me know).




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