On September 21st, for the first time ever, I attended a live orchestra performance at Queens college. They played three different pieces of music that were all completely different and yet sounded familiar. When listening to orchestra music you realize how completely different it is than today’s pop music. Compared to today’s music, orchestra music is very calm, joyful, and peaceful. It allows the listeners to sink in to the sound and just feel at ease. As i listened my body responded to the music and I was quite contempt. I expected it to be very dull and boring but it was rather quite enlightening. Today’s music is very explicit and vulgar. It uses sexual references and illegal substances in order to get views and money. For example, in Nicki Minajs video “Anaconda” her and several dancers spend most of the time in the video twerking, or shaking their butts. Most men are attracted to this so they would watch it for that reason.

Also, a main difference between these to types of music is what is actually being heard.Compared to todays music, in orchestra there is usually no vocals or words. It is merely different instruments played together in order to create music. The reason this is important is because in today’s music most people might get behind these lyrics that could actually be bad for you. From my own experience, I know there are hundred of songs that involve killing people, smoking drugs, and drinking alcohol.Image result for slim jesus This can create a bad influence on many people and actually cause them to part take in the activities.Orchestra music could never promote these things because they do not speak about it in the music.


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  1.    Asim Shariff on September 24, 2016 8:19 pm

    There are many interesting points that you bring up in your argument. I agree with you that current music can be bad for individuals because it can send a negative message to the viewers. I never attended an orchestra before that day either, but I found it to be interesting too. Your right that orchestra music is unable to send a negative message to their audience, since they lack lyrics like current music.

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