Attending the orchestra performance on the 21st was the first classical concert I’d ever been to. I gotta say it was awesome, it was exactly what I thought it would be and better! The differences between music videos and live concert performances is simply mind-boggling. When watching a music video, most of everything you experience comes from a screen and this has a huge impact on how the material is received. From the screen standpoint, while everything might be visually perfect to the tee, it does kind of dull the experience in a sense. My reasoning, and this is something I noticed when attending the classical concert, is that there are no limitations to how the music can feel. For instance the sheer volume of the orchestra was loud enough to echo and resonate throughout the room was an amazing feeling and added to the music’s already phenomenal beauty. It just created this completely different experience out of listening to music, IN PERSON. Then you have the emotional aspect. After the concert it felt a lot like this.



I think what I liked the most about the concert, was the potential for how broad it could be. The  myriad of emotions that I experienced was almost overwhelming, but in a good way. I would gladly go to another one of these events given the chance.


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