Music is subjective to people’s taste. It is very broad and often left to many different interpretations by different people. Music’s broadness allows for everyone to be included in certain different types of genres and groups. Although both classical and pop music are very ¬†different, it is important to acknowledge that pop music isn’t only about the music. Classical music is very straightforward in its deliverance and only uses the performers and their instruments. Meanwhile, in pop music videos especially there is always more than just the performer.

In the orchestra performance, the first thing I noticed was how involved everyone was in their instrument. It was obvious that they were deeply feeling the music that they were performing and they didn’t need to do anything extravagant to demonstrate that. An important part of this performance was that aside from the soprano singer, it overall had no lyrics. This allows people to have even more freedom than you would with a pop song to interpret it and incorporate it to your own feelings in any way that you want. The sound in this performance is visualized through each artists’ body movement and their own instrument.

In the music video performances, music isn’t the only thing going on. Choreography and background effects play an important part in delivering the music to the audience. It allows audience members to become more captivated in what the artist is doing and at times this can take away from the actual music. However, in other cases, it serves as a way to ¬†emphasize what the artist is saying. For example, Beyonce used the visual effects including the background with the word feminist to emphasize what she stood for in her performance. Additionally, lyrics play an important role in audience’s interpretations. A lot of younger audiences enjoy the lyrics and feel sometimes as though they can relate to them. They turn away from instrumental music because it isn’t specific to what they believe will pertain to them. Furthermore, Lady Gaga also does this in her performance. Although it seems over sexualized, paying attention to the lyrics it is clear that she is standing up for herself against the media.

Although both classical and pop music are very different genres, they both have a similar purpose. They both want to appeal to certain audiences and do that in very different ways. It is easier to see how pop music relates to today’s society however, classical music can do so as well if you’re willing to listen. Both performances are different but, they serve the purpose to entertain and allow people to feel.

– Naomi Bracho




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  1.    Benjamin Kayumov on September 24, 2016 2:27 am

    In a generation like ours today people prefer the modern day kind of music where there is loud music, vocals, and even the enjoyment of seeing it live in concert. To be fair a great deal of teens and young adults don’t consider orchestras like these to be their cup of tea. However it is more of a traditional understanding to the music. Music has meaning and both was showed in modern and classic music

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