Music is appreciated and interpreted differently by different people. In the same way, artists and composers create different types of music for different audiences and different interpretations. Pop music and classical music are two very different types of music; pop music has lyrics, is more modern and made for younger audiences. Classical music usually is just instrumental, is an older genre and is made for all music enthusiasts. Classical music is normally played live at orchestras. While pop music can be enjoyed in person as well, it is most likely to be watched in a music video. Music videos also have something that orchestras do not: choreography. Beyonce and Lady Gaga are two iconic pop singers whose music videos can demonstrate significant differences from orchestrations. Both music videos and orchestrations invoke emotions and appreciation, but they do so in a very different way.

The orchestra I went to on September 21st was my first time ever experiencing classical music. I made sure to actually sit through it and take it seriously so I could develop an understanding of the music and have a valid interpretation of what emotions ran through me as I listened. Orchestras are obviously nothing like seeing Lady Gaga or Beyonce dance and sing on stage – there weren’t any lyrics for most of the performance, and when the soprano singer performed, I had a hard time understanding what she was saying and I couldn’t relate to the music. However, I really did enjoy the performance and for the most part, I felt amused and relaxed. Lady Gaga’s performance with R. Kelly at the AMAs is something that I’m more accustomed to listening to since I like to listen to music with lyrics. Her choreography and flashy outfit serve as a necessary eye candy, as she acts out the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and President John F. Kennedy. It was clear to me that the performance was aimed towards the media because her lyrics imply that she retains her free spirit, regardless of what is said about her.

Both the orchestration and Lady Gaga’s performances gave me a chance to interpret and appreciate music. I found it to be much easier to develop a more specific interpretation of the music video, because of the lyrics and the choreographed act. For the orchestration, I was able to actually feel relaxed and amused, but it took me longer to understand what to actually feel when listening to the music.


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  1.    Naomi Bracho on September 23, 2016 8:37 pm

    I agree with what you said about the specific interpretation, it’s harder to get anything specific from instrumental music. Often times this allows younger audiences to gear towards modern pop music.

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