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The most important takeaway I noticed from this orchestra was the class and proper presentation in this performance. In terms of the “Anaconda” Music video and this performance the setting and tone was more simplistic and more calm tone. The orchestra itself had its own version of diversity. Some will say in the Anaconda video the primary race targeted in the scenes was one of African American Descent. The orchestra featured many different kinds of people performing and many kinds of instruments being played. Another key note being directed through the performance was the amount of detail being put in the instruments and sounds. The fact that it was a quiet environment and that the music there reflected on the tone being played really helped set the mood for the setting we were in.  The orchestra did not have the modern day like music or attractive to the eye setting as it was more of a classical genre rather than the music videos or concerts that are played today and in today’s modern day 21st day century. That should not discredit the fact that these orchestras don’t exist or are unpopular they still are a big part of today’s pop culture as much as these new and famous artists are. The Music being played demonstrates a time or a message in a person’s life primarily at a specific event.


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  1.    xianruichen on September 25, 2016 2:00 pm

    I agree with your points that orchestra performance provides a quiet and enmotial environment in order to let listeners to get in to the zoon. I like that girl’s vice. That was amazing to hear a such high vice like that. I also agree that you clearfly the music videoes as it has its own diversity. I really like you using the word diversity because it does not show the judgement for which sides are better. Good points over all!

  2.    Anna on September 25, 2016 11:43 pm

    I agree with what you’re saying about the setting but I don’t know if you can say that the orchestra stuck to classical music because the last piece was a great jazz piece which is a relatively new genre, but maybe I’m just stuck in 20th century music.

  3.    Eugenia Theodosopoulos on September 27, 2016 5:18 am

    Fun fact: All the music featured in the orchestra was written in the last 100 years. Therefore, it’s not classical. Classical was between 1750 and 1825. What was played falls under the boring title of 20th century music.

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