The first experience kids have with music is the radio. In my case it would be standard stations like z100. And believe it or not, certain sounds and rhythms are meant to make you want to dance. That’s why a lot of music played on that station are played at clubs. My point being, music of different genres is meant to affect you in different ways. What music videos do is add a visual appeal to the musical appreciation. Music can literally change your heart beat, and even your emotions. The videos shown in class had lyrics. And I find lyrics to be a special phenomenon in music. There’s a skill musicians spend there entire life in trying to play with feeling, but lyrics can “short cut” that process by outright explaining a situation. Now you can be a horrible singer, and nothing can help that. But through lyrics a story can be unfolded; one of the draw backs being there is less need for your imagination. Rather than implanting an emotion or feeling, like an orchestra, music videos use the combination of words and images to implant a situation in the viewers head. The “vibe” someone gets from the instruments can be altered by the singers perception of what’s on, and the images further expand on a more rigid view of a song. But that’s the negative. Images and acting are an art form and when done well, this enhances a song. However, my training is in classical percussion (an Orchestra), so i naturally have a biased towards mainstream music videos.

Although I love the orchestra more than other genres, the opening song held at the concert lacked a lot of heart. Because of the huge age gap between the conductor and the orchestra, I could sense a lot of disinterest in playing the piece, which happened to be written by Aaron Copland (the music building is named after him). Maybe the conductor was just paying tribute and nobody wanted to do it. Nevertheless, the piece could have been done better (not by me though). The best piece done that day was the third song, the jazz piece. A drummer from the Jazz Program was featured in that song and the students were more interested in playing jazz as it is a more modern art form than classical. I heard the piece get sloppy towards the middle, but the drummer kept beat. When talking to students in the orchestra afterwards, it turns out the conductor conducted in such a way that was unfamiliar to a decent portion of the orchestra, as was previously rehearsed. Personally, I find that so irresponsible on the conductors part. Nobody wants a bad leader. The opera featured impressed me. Do you understand that one person’s voice was meant to overpower an ENTIRE ORCHESTRA?! Although I couldn’t understand half the words, I enjoyed the half I could hear. Opera is special because the training for it is meant for the voice to fill up the whole room, like any other instrument. Honestly, the orchestra should have played lower, but that’s the professors fault in the end for not stressing that more in practice. . If that first song wasn’t featured in that performance, I would have left saying “Wow that was an awesome job.” Instead I leave saying”Yeah that was pretty good, I’d definitely go again.” I know I sound very critical, but I’m majoring in music and that’s literally my job.


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