Music Video “performances” and orchestra performances are very different from each other. One main difference that can be seen when looking at the performances is how the effects of visuals on the music that is being listened. When visuals are added to music it can change the message or feeling of the piece completely. Lady […]

The orchestra and music videos both can give you a visualization of music, but both give you a much different kind of vision that goes along with the music. While the orchestra gives you the use of your imagination by sound effects and different noises and all the like through instruments played in unison, a […]

Today Pop music is mostly about the physical appearance rather than the actual music. In music video’s like Lady Gaga or Beyonce, they are usually drawn attention to because of the provocative dress attire or dances to go alone with it.During the Orchestra performance i noticed that everyone in the performance was dressed the same, […]

There are two different goals with these musical experiences: the first being to invoke powerful emotions through sound, and the second being to make interesting beats while adding meaningful lyrics into the mix. The orchestra focuses on displaying emotions through sound while the music performances from Beyonce and Lady Gaga focus more on getting a […]

Amazing Performance

September 23, 2016 | 2 Comments

I went to the orchestra concert on September 21. It was my first time to go to a concert and it was amazing. What I heard from the live performance was totally different from music videos or songs. When I walked into the concert hall, the members of orchestra were all practicing playing theirs instruments. […]

Start off with my blog, I would like to say my opinion about the performance we attempted on Wednesday 9/21. That was the first experience of the college-level performance of music. I felt very proud to be one of the audiences in the concert hall because the sounds of music really brought me back to […]

Words of songs play a big role in the music industry because they are what gets the artist’s ideas across to the listener. Without the words, some artists may not have the capability of sending their message out to the crowd. Artists such as Celine Dion seem to have a better chance at getting their […]

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s performances are very different from an orchestra performance. Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s performances are spoon fed to the viewers in every way. There is no creativity for the viewer, only sensations of excitement. An orchestra performance allows for the body to relax and have the imagination visualize the music. For a […]

There are many ways that music can be portrayed to the audience. Music can be shown as a music video or as a performance such as an orchestra or a concert. Even though these are common forms of portraying music, they can differ from each other. The visuals that are shown while you are listening […]

Compare and contrast the music video “performances,” especially Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s to the orchestra performance, with an emphasis on the orchestra.  Analyze and argue for a specifc point of view; treat this as a mini paper.  Some topics/ideas to consider: how is sound “visualized” separately in each piece; what affect does the visual have […]

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