The book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and the article “Redefining Normal: A Critical Analysis of (Dis)ability in Young Adult Literature” have many similarities. The article describes the different ways that individuals with disabilities are depicted in literature. Many of the times those characters with disabilities view those disabilities as a weakness like in the example text Jerk, California that Curwood used in the article. Curwood later describes to the readers that those characters eventually accept their disabilities and they can even turn it into one of their strengths. The example in Jerk, California shows how an individual comes to accept their disability. In that text it describes a character named Sam that is diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. Curwood tells the readers that Sam treated this as a weakness, but after he learnt that his father didn’t let his Tourette’s from prevent him from achieving his dreams like being a master craftsman, Sam realizes that his disability doesn’t have to stop him from achieving his dreams.

Curwood’s article relates to Sherman Alexie’s book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Arnold Spirit is the protagonist and narrator of Alexie’s book. Arnold was born with hydrocephaly. Despite being born with a disability, Arnold achieves his goals throughout the book. He did not let anyone stop him from going to Reardan High School, making the basketball team, or pursing his dream of being an artist.

Alexie’s book and Curwood’s article both tell the readers the different ways that people with disabilities are able to overcome those disabilities to achieve their dreams. Reading about the ways that individuals are able to overcome their disabilities shows people that anyone can overcome any obstacle that they are faced with. This is how both Alexie’s book and Curwood’s article are relatable to each other.


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  1.    Derek Hernandez on October 7, 2016 12:06 am

    I would have to agree with you on the similarities of the book and the article. These two example both took their disabilities and took advantage of them. they saw them as their difference between the others and used it to strive to be better.

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