“Black Hole” by Charles Burns is easily one of the strangest things i have ever read in my life. Every page gets more and more strange as i turn them. As i read though, i find it hard to stop. This book has a way of dragging you in. One thing i found very interesting in this book is how they linked the various diseases that the kids have. All of these diseases are a metaphor or the AIDS disease. AIDS is a immune disease that hurts your bodies ability to fight diseases. You can get AIDS through sexual contact. I love the way Charles Burns incorporates this into this book. Even though this book takes place in the ’70s and the AIDS outbreak was in the ’80s, it works well. One way he does this is by the kids have all different symptoms of this disease. Another thing is that these kids were outcasted by the rest of society. This happened with AIDS. When people had AIDS, they were outcasted by society. I really love this book and i can’t wait to see how it ends.


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  1.    Hallie Peller on October 26, 2016 3:40 am

    It’s interesting that this book was written set in the 70’s because the epidemic did not break out until the 80’s. It almost shows a glimpse of the horrors to come. The “bug” was not as severe as AIDS, yet it caused the reader to assume that it was a metaphor for it.
    Just wait till you get to the end! It’s great

  2.    xianruichen on October 31, 2016 4:56 am

    This book is interesting that I do not know what will happening on the next page that always make me feel a little scare but I agree with you that the readers just want to keep reading and would like to know what will happening after. I like you using the word “outcasted” referes to the idea of outsiders who is rejecting by the society because of the AIDS they have.

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