The article that I am using as my secondary sources for my second paper is called “The American Dream and Immigrant Students” by Pang, Valerie. The main idea of the article is about people who migrant from their own countries to the USA and willing to facing the challenges that the society gives them from […]

The article that I used in my essay is “The relation between self esteem levels and life quality levels of disabled and non-disabled tennis sportsmen” by Adem Civan. The article talks about the quality of life of disabled people in sports, more specifically tennis. My essay is about how being disabled is not as bad as it […]

My report for the second project will focus on race and how even in modern times we still live in a whitewashed society. My article is titled “Exploring the Psychology of White Racism Through Naturalistic Inquiry,” and it studies the roots of White racism. Starting off with the main claims for these studies, there are […]

This article addresses woman and thoughts on feminism over different generations of women. Woman generally know what Feminism is. But the question that this article is showing is, do women have different definitions of feminism? And do they have different ways to resolve and show these ideas? And do woman just believe these ideas because they […]

Video Games portray genders and races in a specific way to attract consumers. With the primary audience for video games being males, the game art is designed to satisfy a male audience rather than a female audience.  To do this games are drawn to have the men appear more epic and females appear more vulnerable. […]

The article talks about how literature incorporates protagonists with disabilities as a way to have readers better understand where the characters are coming from. The text includes references from other books. The article “Redefining Normal: A Critical Analysis of (Dis)ability in Young Literature” talks about the methods of coping used by with their disabilities and […]

The article “Redefining Normal: A Critical Analysis of (Dis)ability in Young Literature” tells the story of three individuals with various disabilities and the way in which they cope.  In the story of “Marcelo in the Real World”, the main character Marcelo is a high school student diagnosed with Autism.  He is an intelligent person but […]

This article focuses on the main idea of adult literature that incorporates protagonists with disabilities. While reading this article, two quotes from the text come to mind when summarizing her work. Jen Scott Curwood writes that adult novels can “engage students in thinking about the ways in which disability is represented in literature and writing.” […]

The article Redefining Normal: A Critical Analysis of (Dis)ability in Young Adult Literature displays the importance of offering realistic portrayals of disabled characters. Disabled characters allow for readers who are also disabled to have representation and feel connected to the character. Often times characters with disabilities are only seen in the background, they’re portrayed negatively, […]

Article Summary

October 5, 2016 | 3 Comments

The article I chose provides an insight into the daily struggle Native Americans face with racism. It provides an explanation for how racism directly affects their lives and inability to have any type of mobility economically and socially. The author explains how poverty and racism can be directly linked, especially when an entire ethnic group […]

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