Instead of start reading the first page, I looked over some of the papers on the middle of the book. I got confuse by those weird pictures with some types of ships on it or some sorts of the countdown. The first scene is about the interviewing with two people Mason and Grant and they […]

When i handed in the paper, I thought that i had a great topic and that i built on it very well. But when i received the paper, i realized that i failed to use a acceptable secondary source. SO when i was revising it i put in a acceptable source and i feel that […]

My essay didn’t really have an intro. It was all back round information. Also because I gave so many details to the book I was using, I severely limited myself as to who and what I could talk about throughout my essay. I used a lot of repetition. I’m going to whip out for […]

To be honest, I thought my paper was pretty good when I submitted in. Now, after I read everyone’s comments. I find out that there are still a lot of improvements for my paper and that will be the gap in my writing. I still need the little time to read over my paper and […]

So the revision process is going pretty well. While reading over my essay I realized there were a LOT of flaws that I had left in my essay. Thankfully thanks to the comments on my essay I am going to be able to correct the mistakes I had made hopefully receive a better grade. The […]

Upon reading comments provided from both Professor Fleetwood and classmates, I can clearly see some issues that I have when writing essays. Particularly this essay, I saw myself lacking in transitions and points relating back to the overall topic of the essay. To help with this weakness, I can work on my concluding sentences in […]

Revision Process

November 8, 2016 | Leave a Comment

My revision process consists of looking back at all of the mistakes I made in my second paper and comparing my second paper to the first draft of my third paper. I’m learning to actually analyze the source and the argument of the source, instead of just throwing the source in my paper to make […]

Revision Process

November 8, 2016 | 1 Comment

My current revision process includes looking back on what I didn’t do well in my second paper and changing that in my third paper, for example, introducing articles and having a more narrow thesis are some of my weaknesses. Using what we workshopped on Monday has helped me continue with my draft and approach it […]

The revision that we did in class allowed me to see the parts of my paper that I can improve on. The main component that I can fix is the organization of the paper. The last essay that I wrote was not well organized. I could improve on my organization of this paper. This will […]

Although I was not in school to receive my second essay, I have noticed the immense difference between that essay and the current third essay I am working on. After revising and grading those five essays given to us for homework, I noticed the importance of a strong thesis and explanation and analyzation of the sources […]

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