Different sample essays have their different styles of writing. Some of them are good to be learned by students. “The World Through the Eyes of a Child” and “The Monster’s Mother” are both have a clear thesis but the summaries are taking over too many spaces in the paper and also the conclusions are not really restating the topics or the thesis. Personally think that using I, us or you in the paper will not giving the readers strong opinions on the arguments. “Cultural Relativity Response” has a clear thesis also but the paper is more like storytelling with different types of violence but the examples are related to thesis. For the ” Tales of Rebellion”, it mentions six different rebellions throughout the history. I think that is a good research paper with a clear main idea with the comparisons of different rebellions and six decent examples from north and south. Comparing with these essays, I like the ” The Balance of Mutilation” the most because it has a clear thesis and decent examples layout with three examples to support the argument. By connecting both examples from the book and analysis, the essay has a strong central idea that allow readers know easily what happen to the main character’s unusual actions and get into character’s background and lifestyle in order to present the main idea of the whole essay.

It is not easy to read papers and getting different people’s opinions from their writing. —– Xianrui Chen ( Jerry Chen)


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  1.    Asim Shariff on November 2, 2016 12:04 am

    I agree with you that it can be difficult grading another persons paper. I noticed that a some of the papers lacked analysis.I agree with you that a good essay has a clear thesis and examples that support that argument.

  2.    Andre Melgar on November 2, 2016 1:08 am

    I also agree that Cultural Relativity response reading is flawed in that the writer use I, you, us. While it is important to give your opinion in your argument, it is best to try to separate self from your writing. For instance the writer uses examples of cultural differences, but does not utilize sources other than himself. We don’t really know who he is, which impedes his credibility factor and on an overall note his entire argument’s credibility.

  3.    Naomi Bracho on November 2, 2016 11:45 am

    I agree with what you said about the paper having too many descriptive elements opposed to analysis. It was easy to get lost in all of the scenes because they weren’t in depth of the importance of them.

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