My essay topic would be discussing the effect video games have on the player’s perspective of gender roles in real life. Originally it was going to cover the effect games have on color connections and views on ethnicity, but there was a good amount of secondary sources covering gender representation in video games (Primarily focusing on women) and a lack of sources defending the other topics. Viewing different articles allowed me to focus my topic of gender roles into several subtopics such as the role men and women play in games, the misrepresentation of men and women, sexuality of women, mistreatment of women, and the seductive box art to sell games. Together, the articles all share the common belief that the way these games portray men and women effects self-esteem, gender expectations, and mistreatment of others. However, the sources don’t cover exactly what I am looking for so I only use a small part of different articles. My favorite thing about choosing this topic is that I have fun researching popular games because I am picking game titles I am familiar with. As I make my essay there is a little stroll down memory lane.  Supportive game titles I am using include Mario Bros, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, and Bioshock. Counter titles include The Walking Dead:  Season 2, The Last of Us, and Metroid. Sound familiar? I picked recognizable titles hoping readers would be familiar with the game. The essay will be organized by topic rather than game, which makes it feel awkward to introduce the same game later on because I have a grand introduction about the game plot when it first comes up, but it definitely sounds smoother than introducing the same topic later on. Overall the essay is coming along nicely, it might even be too long. Hopefully I am doing things right.


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  1.    Asim Shariff on November 6, 2016 8:45 pm

    I think that your essay topic is interesting.I think separating it based on topic would be better than separating by the games. That will allow your essay to flow better. It will also make your argument stronger, since all the common ideas are under one topic.

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