In my paper, I am writing about how books that talk about racism and discrimination can have a positive impact on the readers. I am using the books Black Hole, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and the Ms. Marvel comics to show how discrimination and racism can be stopped. I found multiple examples of how discrimination and racism has an effect on individuals in each one of those texts. I also found different scholarly sources that demonstrate the different effects of discrimination on an individual. I was able to create analysis for both Black Hole and Absolute True Diary. The only problem that I have is trying to create analysis from the Ms. Marvel comics. I used the scholarly source about the mental effects of discrimination to help support my argument with Black Hole, since Black Hole shows the mental issues that are faced by people that were infected with the “bug”. I have another article that talks about the discrimination and racism that Native Americans face. I plan to use that with my argument of the Absolute True Diary, since Arnold faces a lot of discrimination on a daily basis. All of these texts can help decrease the amount of discrimination and racism, since if more people are aware of the effects of discrimination, then they will be less likely to perform those actions. Also Arnold and Ms. Marvel show that discrimination and racism don’t have to stop you from achieving your goals.


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