Writing Process

November 6, 2016 | | Leave a Comment

My writing process includes first rereading all of my articles that I am going to use and annotating anything I find that might be helpful for the rest of my essay as well as the primary source I am using. Currently, I am finishing up my body paragraphs and trying to get all of the ideas I want to say together in a way that flows nicely. Getting my ideas out is my primary concern because I know I can still go back and edit my paper for mistakes and for things that don’t work out for my final paper. Additionally, I have the outline to help me look back at where I want to put certain ideas which help me not get stuck on what exactly I want to write in each body paragraph. Lastly, looking back on the sample essays give me a clear idea on what my final essay should look like and it provides a way for me to not get as overwhelmed while writing my essay.

– Naomi Bracho


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