Sorry to be tardy with the blog, but I have been on bed rest because I have not been feeling well lately. As the third project of the semester that requires more work than all the rest so far, I originally thought that this would be impossible to do because I usually worry about thinking of stuff to write about – making my content over 7 pages. However, surprisingly… I feel less stressed about this assignment than the previous projects. Normally I worry about the topic sentences, the sources I will use, and even the thesis; but doing the proposal and the outline have all been super beneficial to aiding my writing. I tend to get anxious about these sorts of assignments because I seriously stress what I plan on doing. However, the proposal and the outline have given me a much clearer idea of what my main task for this assignment is. I also seem more enthusiastic about this assignment because I am given the liberty to write about a topic of my choosing – which is video games. However, I recently became ill with flu-like symptoms, so I have mostly been resting in bed. I feel better than I was since I started feeling the symptoms, but I still possess a fever. Other than being sick, I don’t think anything at this moment has really hindered my writing and that this is the most comfortable I have been with an assignment (even more comfortable than I was with high school assignments). I’m happy that we took this project step-by-step. It really has eased my anxiety.


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  1.    Naomi Bracho on November 7, 2016 12:46 pm

    I agree that the writing process is much easier and less overwhelming by incoporating multiple steps it has also definitely eased my mind a bit and allows me to focus more on what I’m writing as well.

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