So far the start of my essay wasn’t turning out to well. I was having an extremely hard time finding articles to push my point across. Oh ya in my essay I was am exploring how emotions are being used in video games. The way in which I see how emotions are being used is through gameplay, colors, and sound. If you played a video game before such as call of duty I’m sure you know how FRUSTRATING the game could get which is triggering an emotion of getting angry. The reason for picking color to discuss next is because I have found that colors do play a role in the emotions that we are feeling. For example brighter colors such as bright reds, blues, yellows, etc tend to put a more cheery image in my head while dark colors tend to put sad, angry, and gloomy images. I was able to find articles that help express this idea and will help me in the rest of my essay. Finally I taught of sound as being a highly important part of this because there is a game that counter argues my point I making about colors, but the sound in the game still can set off the same emotions without only the use of sounds and gameplay. Anyways my essay seems to be flowing much better now and I look forward to feedback from you guys later on.


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  1.    Hallie Peller on November 7, 2016 12:21 am

    your essay seems really interesting especially for someone who grew up with gamecube and xbox. I can’t wait to see the finished result!
    I also couldn’t find any articles to help my argument, but I’m working on it

  2.    Nicholas Osorio on November 7, 2016 1:49 am

    I personally think that gameplay makes or breaks a game. When I speak of gameplay, I mean the whole meat and potatoes: plot, visuals and how both elements complement each other hand in hand. Plot is important because it’s what grabs many gamers’ interests in what the story has to offer. If the game holds an interesting plot, then the player can only be more and more invested; the further the story is invested in, the more likely the player invests emotions into the game (for example: Dominic Santiago’s death). The more realistic and lifelike the graphics, the better the comparison to realism (for example: feeling grossed out by virtual guts that look both realistic and impressive in detail). If both are components are successful, then the gameplay is sure to attract an audience.

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