Revision Process

November 8, 2016 | | Leave a Comment

My revision process consists of looking back at all of the mistakes I made in my second paper and comparing my second paper to the first draft of my third paper. I’m learning to actually analyze the source and the argument of the source, instead of just throwing the source in my paper to make it longer. I spent a lot of my paper summarizing the source and filling it up with quotes to make it look like I really did some hard work. I’m also going to make sure I have scholarly sources with strong arguments that I can agree with, or disagree with to bolster my argument. Since I now know what I did wrong in my second paper, I will know what mistakes not to repeat for my third paper. So far, my third paper has a small amount of discussion, and a lot more analysis, I hope it stays that way. I’m going to make sure I write a stronger paper so my professor can give me a good grade. Then I won’t have to go home and choke back my tears as I look in the mirror and engage in extreme self loathing while telling myself that I’m a bad writer.

-Michel Kazi I guess


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