The revision that we did in class allowed me to see the parts of my paper that I can improve on. The main component that I can fix is the organization of the paper. The last essay that I wrote was not well organized. I could improve on my organization of this paper. This will allow my paper to flow better and it would make my argument clearer. I can improve my organization of the paper by fixing my topic sentences of each paragraph. Improving my topic sentence will help my paper flow better and strengthen my argument. Another thing that I didn’t do well in my last paper was fully explaining certain parts of my argument. I can improve on this by spending more time explaining the different concepts that I mention throughout my paper. Organization was the main problem in my past paper, so I can improve on it in my current paper. Revising the papers in class allowed me to see what areas of the paper I could improve on to obtain a higher grade.


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  1.    Hallie Peller on November 8, 2016 10:21 pm

    I also struggle with organization of my paper. It’s hard to keep it organized when you have so many points to talk about. What may help is writing a detailed outline, like we did for our third essay, to organize your thoughts.

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