So the revision process is going pretty well. While reading over my essay I realized there were a LOT of flaws that I had left in my essay. Thankfully thanks to the comments on my essay I am going to be able to correct the mistakes I had made hopefully receive a better grade. The one think I love about workshop in class is getting feedback from you guys. This workshop I had received awesome feedback from one of my classmates. Due to the awesome comments, I was able to see the mistakes that I had been consistently making throughout the essay. One of the things that I plan on fixing is my transition sentences and incorporate my sources.


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  1.    Asim Shariff on November 9, 2016 12:41 am

    I agree with you that the comments that our peers gave us helps us to improve on our essay. I also had problems with the organization of my paper. I think that improving the topic sentence will help with the organization of the paper. Also if you combine the common ideas together, it will help the essay flow better.

  2.    xianruichen on November 9, 2016 2:47 am

    I love our workshop too. Let’s work hard together and improve our grade. I also find a lot of mistakes in my papers. The comments that our classmates gave really helping a lot!

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