My third paper was on the importance of tradition, specifically in Part Time Indian. I spoke about how even though Arnold left the reservation, he still carried his tradition, culture, and practices with him. Based on that, for my final project, I am making a video about the importance of tradition. I’m planning on asking people […]

The dictionary definition of the word “form” perfectly defines what I believe form is. “Form”, as a verb, means to bring together parts, combine, or create something. The way in which I’ve been exposed to form the most this year is in this class. The form of something, whether it be an essay or a […]

When I hear the word form, I think of formula and format… Shocker, right? No but seriously, I think of those two words because they mean that something has to be done in a certain way. Whenever you write an essay, you need to properly format your writing. You need to make sure that everything […]

Hey guys, You need to have Illuminae finished on Wednesday, so I want you to read at least half of it for Monday.  I’m not going to give you a specific page (but you should read around 150+ minimum).  You don’t have to do any secondary reading (I figure you have enough going on). Also, be thinking […]

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