When I hear the word form, I think of formula and format… Shocker, right? No but seriously, I think of those two words because they mean that something has to be done in a certain way. Whenever you write an essay, you need to properly format your writing. You need to make sure that everything is in a proper font, each line is double-spaced, and your margins are correct. With a formula, it’s a similar concept: a^2 + b^2 = c^2. It’s a formula because it works perfectly every time. And when we have these formats and formulas and use them, whatever we do becomes perfect. With that being said, form could be described as an application towards anything in life. Formats are for written text and formulas are for mathematics, but form can apply to whatever you do. We as humans have invented formulas and formats in order to perfect our work each time, but for someone to discover a form is both incredible and impossible. What I mean is that given how form is relevant to whatever you do in life, it is YOUR life and no one else’s. Some may share your type of style when it comes to one thing, but on another thing the form changes. Your form is yours alone, and no one else would be able to understand it the way that everyone unanimously understands formats and formulas, nor would they find it as fitting. However, finding your own form is incredible because it validates what you do and why to yourself. You eliminate the question of why your methods are what they are, and the significance behind that is if you question why you do things in life, whether it be your working method or even the way that you speak, you possess the answer. Whether you wish to change this form is up to you, but regardless you understand why it is what it is.


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