The dictionary definition of the word “form” perfectly defines what I believe form is. “Form”, as a verb, means to bring together parts, combine, or create something. The way in which I’ve been exposed to form the most this year is in this class. The form of something, whether it be an essay or a blog, is very important. Technically, one could say there is one form or way something just be done, but the lines are blurred within that statement. Although there may only be one form to complete something, everyone interprets that form differently which results in different outcomes, except for math of course. Everyone should get the same answer. When I think of the word “form”, the word “uniform” pops into my head immediately. Uniformity unites the whole under a certain idea that’s in place. Although one may view that as a bad thing and preach for diversity, uniformity is the stronger aspect here. Form not only unites us but organizes us. The format of one’s paper written for a class is what that person used to organize and eventually unite their paper. I view form as an important aspect to one’s work, as well as their life.


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