My third paper was on the importance of tradition, specifically in Part Time Indian. I spoke about how even though Arnold left the reservation, he still carried his tradition, culture, and practices with him. Based on that, for my final project, I am making a video about the importance of tradition. I’m planning on asking people […]

The dictionary definition of the word “form” perfectly defines what I believe form is. “Form”, as a verb, means to bring together parts, combine, or create something. The way in which I’ve been exposed to form the most this year is in this class. The form of something, whether it be an essay or a […]

My essay didn’t really have an intro. It was all back round information. Also because I gave so many details to the book I was using, I severely limited myself as to who and what I could talk about throughout my essay. I used a lot of repetition. I’m going to whip out for […]

Upon reading comments provided from both Professor Fleetwood and classmates, I can clearly see some issues that I have when writing essays. Particularly this essay, I saw myself lacking in transitions and points relating back to the overall topic of the essay. To help with this weakness, I can work on my concluding sentences in […]

Revision Process

November 8, 2016 | Leave a Comment

My revision process consists of looking back at all of the mistakes I made in my second paper and comparing my second paper to the first draft of my third paper. I’m learning to actually analyze the source and the argument of the source, instead of just throwing the source in my paper to make […]

The revision that we did in class allowed me to see the parts of my paper that I can improve on. The main component that I can fix is the organization of the paper. The last essay that I wrote was not well organized. I could improve on my organization of this paper. This will […]

Although I was not in school to receive my second essay, I have noticed the immense difference between that essay and the current third essay I am working on. After revising and grading those five essays given to us for homework, I noticed the importance of a strong thesis and explanation and analyzation of the sources […]

My essay topic would be the discussion of the impact of bullying on the two main characters from the novel “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” and the movie “Reviving Ophelia”.  And I find some examples that talk about the health of children who are the victims of bullying and bullying that happens […]

Just to start, I am excited to be doing a paper on a movie from my childhood. I am working on how imagery and audio contribute to setting the tone and atmosphere in the 1954 version of Godzilla. The only problem I have really been having is finding a way to have my sources bleed into my […]

My essay topic would be discussing the effect video games have on the player’s perspective of gender roles in real life. Originally it was going to cover the effect games have on color connections and views on ethnicity, but there was a good amount of secondary sources covering gender representation in video games (Primarily focusing […]

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